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Xuzhou Tenglong Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. It is a company specializing in customized high-end special machine tools integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service. Combining the industry's leading technology with strong manufacturing capabilities, actively innovating and developing new processes and new technologies, Tenglong Machinery has declared and obtained a number of technical patents (inventions, utility models, appearance designs).

We are mainly engaged in tailor-made embossing machines, metal surface grinding equipment, metal surface polishing, conveying equipment, cleaning and drying equipment, etc. Through years of persistence and efforts in metal surface grinding technology and automation equipment, Tenglong Machinery has achieved many results in embossing, sanding, polishing, deburring, wire drawing, and automatic loading and unloading. Including surface polishing, wire drawing, and roughening treatments for various metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, and non-metallic materials such as wood board and PCB board. Deslagging, deburring, and chamfering for laser cutting, flame cutting, plasma cutting and other products. Deburring the edges and holes of special-shaped parts and castings, so that the edges and holes of the workpiece can achieve the R arc effect. Supporting automation equipment realizes unmanned operation. "Quality first, brave to innovate" is the key to Tenglong Machinery's success in the market.

Tenglong Machinery has more than ten mechanical experts and employees. Since its establishment, in line with the business philosophy of "integrity-based and continuous innovation", Tenglong has continuously adopted new technologies, researched and developed new products, applied scientific management methods, and strived to improve product quality.

product type

Xuzhou tenglong machinery  company's own development of various tree patterns, patterns using material from imported 5-axis CNC laser engraving machine processing production.

Pattern according to sample, automatic lifting equipment, embossing depth uniform, embossing depth digital display adjustment, transmission mode for frequency conversion control! All low-voltage electrical appliances adopt Chint brand, heating power: 6kw.9kw.12kw, opening and closing distance of two rollers: 0-120mm. Wiring adopts national standard three-phase five wire system, with high protection safety level.

The surface of the roller is engraved by computer, and the surface is plated with hard chromium. The rotary conductive ring is used for heating.

Our company has developed a variety of embossing machines according to customer requirements, including 650, 850, 1000 and 1300, and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

company culture

Core values: integrity, innovation, service image keywords   Enterprise core: integrity

Enterprise spirit: unity and hard work, pioneering and realistic, satisfying users, and technological progress.

Customers: Provide customers with high-quality and high-value products and services, and win their understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength.

Market: Reduce procurement costs and risks for customers, and provide practical protection for customer investment.


Development: Pursue the goal of sustainable development and build it on the basis of customer satisfaction.

About "Creating Value for Partners"

The company believes that customers, suppliers, company shareholders, company employees and all units and individuals that have a cooperative relationship with itself are its own partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners can it reflect its own value and achieve development and success. .

About "honesty, tolerance, innovation, service"

The company believes that honesty is the foundation of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is a weapon for business development, and service is the foundation for creating value. The company will insist on continuous improvement, meet customer expectations, ensure quality, and open up the global market.

Customer case


12000 watt air cutting 16 thick plate slag removal

20 thick carbon steel derusting, chamfering and deburring machine

800 wide vacuum suction deburring machine


Ultrasonic embossing machine


Natural Flooring—Order 650 single embossing machine


Flame cutting and deburring of 60 thick plates

Customer visit



Xuzhou Tenglong Machinery Co., Ltd. adheres to the tenet of "Quality First, Honesty First", and launched an exhibition based on the performance and characteristics of the products. Fans and customers in the same industry are invited to visit and give advice and support. Through this exhibition, it has also developed more customers and resources for the company, and promoted the company's long-term and lasting development.

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Deburring machine8