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Tenglong Machinery has a complete quality inspection system, strict management procedures, advanced testing equipment and testing methods. From the raw material entering the factory to the product leaving the factory, every link is strictly tested to ensure product quality and make users satisfied and assured.


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    Founded in 2015
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    6 years experience
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    7 categories of products
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    Has 19 patents




Service First

  • Polish sanding machine used for Cabinet, wooden door

    Woodworking polishing machine is mainly used for rough grinding and primer sanding of wood products. It is suitable for all kinds of solid wood, composite board, density board, veneer and other materials. It can be used for coarse and fine sanding, grinding and polishing of regular surface, speci...

  • The world’s best-selling wood grain embossing machine

    Xuzhou Tenglong Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wood grain embossing machine. The wood grain embossing machine is suitable for embossing the surface of MDF, plywood and other plates to increase the beauty of products. Patterns include: red oak, teak, North American black waln...