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Tenglong Machinery has a complete quality inspection system, strict management procedures, advanced testing equipment and testing methods. From the raw material entering the factory to the product leaving the factory, every link is strictly tested to ensure product quality and make users satisfied and assured.


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    Founded in 2015
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    6 years experience
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    7 categories of products
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    Has 19 patents




Service First

  • What are the thickness adjustment methods of broadband sander?

    Broadband sander with the development of science, its adjustment methods are becoming more and more intelligent, so what are the thickness adjustment methods of broadband sander? The following small talk with you. Broadband sander thickness adjustment methods are as follows. 1. Broadband sander g...

  • How to choose from a wide range of sanding machines?

    Sander is a common woodworking machinery, it is divided into many kinds, in addition to stone and other woodworking operations, metal processing will also be applied to the sander, the sander can be used to improve product quality with sanding board. Different industries use different sanding mec...