Brush sander machine for MDF

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Brush sander machine for MDF and plywood,wood door

  • Product name: Woodworking sander
  • Product use: multi-specification wood, etc.
  • Product Brand: Tenglong Machinery
  • Product Address: Bali Metal Electromechanical Industrial Park, Suining County, Xuzhou
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    ▷The BRUSH SANDER MACHINE  with abrasive belt is oscillated longitudinally, rotated and polished, the gap is independently frequency-converted, and the lift can be adjusted independently.
    Disc grinder, imported abrasive belt with anti-static sisal disc grinder, quick coupling, simple rotation and swing to replace the abrasive belt, deep into the gap at the bottom of the groove.
    The control panel and microcomputer control panel are simple and easy to operate, each with two axes and an independent control switch, frequency conversion switch, sheet thickness, digital display adjustment
    The conveying platform is equipped with limit switches to prevent the platform lifting guide sleeve from falling off caused by workers' illegal operations
    Turbine reducer, the conveyor belt is equipped with cast iron gearbox reducer motor, high temperature and long-term operation will not affect the machine
    Bearing guide rail, the machine adopts genuine international bearings, imported square dust-proof guide rail, high strength, high efficiency, high temperature resistance
    The internal configuration can be matched with different combinations of grinding discs according to different customer products, with strong pertinence and thorough grinding and more comprehensive
    Auxiliary material Each machine will be equipped with an auxiliary feeding rack to assist in dragging the plate for automatic conveying, which is convenient for grinding and high efficiency.

    Woodworking sander1
    Woodworking sander2

    Product Features

    Adsorption door panel Solid wood doors Engraving plate
    Plane polishing Primer sanding Cabinet doors
    Panel doors and windows Multi-layer boards All kinds of panel


    Detailed Photos

    Woodworking sander4


    All products are inspected and inspected to ensure the integrity before transportation
    Equipped with a protective film to prevent scratches and abrasion during product transportation
    Reasonably arrange transportation vehicles and arrive at customers on time


    ☆Geared motor, powerful, easy to polish even for complex shapes
    ☆The thickness can be adjusted as a whole
    ☆The handle can be fine-tuned according to different shapes to adjust the lifting height
    ☆Eliminate the disadvantages of ordinary sliding rails that cannot be short of oil and are easy to break

    Woodworking sander3

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